Okay but what are my actual thoughts on becoming an author? The previous post was more rambly and talking around the subject.

Meh. I don’t really have any thoughts I guess? Which is partially surprising, but from what I’ve read of the experience of other writers when they were first published, I’m also not very surprised. Reading about the experiences of other authors helped prepare me, I think.

I’m the same person. The reason I write won’t change–I don’t want it to change.

I want to write and release quality books that either do not already exist in the world or attempt to improve on concepts that have already been done.

They say not to base your happiness on accomplishments, and I want to continue taking that to heart.

They say not to base your sense of accomplishment on how many sales your book gets, so I want to avoid that, too.

The joy of writing comes from the joy of writing, not the joy of getting book sales. I suspect, though I have not experienced it yet (I might give an update later), that getting book sales might be similar to how one feels about getting followers on social media. It’s easy to get addicted to if we’re not careful, but it’s not in itself fulfilling.

This idea, the idea that the joy of writing comes from focusing on and enjoying the actual writing process, is very liberating for me. It confirms that I was doing the right thing when I first got into writing fantasy stories out of joy. I pray I keep that joy, because the joy of writing is one of the things that makes me feel most alive. And the fact that many other people in the world now write with joy too means something. That God directed them to this joy for a reason. Maybe that we would get to know Him better through writing.