Something I’m noticing now is that I have a concept: A romance story like Romeo and Juliet but with a happy ending and a healthier relationship that is set in a beautiful setting.

Or, a romance story like Redeeming Love but with a healthy relationship portrayal.

The more I break down these concepts, it’s hard to visualize them and figure out how I would execute it or what the plot would be, or even if I have a plot and outline, I haven’t fleshed out scenes or dialogue in my mind and I don’t know yet how I would do it.

What you focus on becomes what you end up writing about, it seems. So if you want to write fiction, it helps to take time thinking about that and imagining everything before writing it. Or at least one scene before you write it.

That’s one way to write. For some people, the scene comes as they write it.

Anyway, I’m putting this here for future reference and reminder to self for when I do get back into writing fiction.

If you have a vague phrase idea for a story, simply take time to meditate on it and let other related ideas emerge to your mind to flesh it out better. The ideas will come. The more you think about something, the more you will notice it and attract it.